Students of Web Intelligence course. Thank you.

I really enjoyed this course and keep we saw so many things together. What do you think? Did you enjoy? How can we improve?

Paul Homer, 6 December 2011


Yesterday we finished the course of Web Intelligence.


We must thank the ICT POLE He has accepted our proposal of the course and the IAL in Udine for the implementation, for all the support you gave us and for the enthusiasm that sent us.



  • Web 2.0 and 3.0, the new online consumer power, Semantic Web, non-conventional search engines.
  • The data, the information and knowledge and the transformation of knowledge in an organization.
  • The KMS 2.0 (knowledge management systems 2.0), systems Enterprise 2.0 and systems of Monitoring Web.
  • Techniques and methods for Social Media Monitoring and measurement of online reputation.
  • Clue Train Manifesto
  • Social Media Marketing, viral campaigns, Word of mouth marketing (Word of Mouth Marketing).
  • A methodology for developing a communication and promotion strategy based on social media (Social Media Strategy).
  • A project work for each.
  • And let's not forget all the technical aspects! (Semantic filtering, collaborative filtering, information extraction, auto tagging, classification, Clustering, sentiment analysis, social network analysis, etc.).



There is a moment in which you evaluate the course which is followed, the projects together, the usefulness of things learned and their concrete application, the investment made on yourself, If it was fun.


What do you think? How can we improve?


P.S. …but we could get a picture with no?! :-)



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Article written by Paul Homer the 6 December 2011

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Great course!
Beyond the always interesting discovery of new technologies, sites and services; from my point of view the most fascinating aspect of the course was definitely the approach to their use in the processes of management and organization of knowledge. When you say the opening of new perspectives…
If we really want to find nitpicking, the time for the development of the project work was too little. But there will be time during the course “Advanced” No?
Congratulations to teachers!!!!

Thank you! You're right, do lesson Monday and Wednesday I gave a little’ too little time for the exercises especially for the lesson on Monday and later Wednesday. You must have a free weekend to do calmly various exercises.
I am pleased that the course has opened new perspectives! It was one of the main objectives. ;-)

As far as I'm concerned involves so:
- course full of tools and ideas
- very simple and understandable explanations on the part of both teachers
- many practical examples
- extreme availability of teachers in answering questions
- many slide, great to find a starting point in future suddenly useful

The proposal to carry out one lesson per week definitely will make it easier to assimilate and the progress of project work.

Maybe you could also provide some additional time for social media marketing and to discuss the project work in the course of work so as to adjust the shot and share the experience.

Another possibility might be a project work in small groups to stimulate growth in groups and sharing. Talking about this idea with colleagues of course, someone told me that this one works and the other chat. I don't think so. The course is chosen freely by the participants and it is so interesting that, personally, failing to do their homework for work commitments really regret.

Thanks again!

A very heartfelt thanks to Carlo and Paul Homer Rate, for what you sent us. The course has been an exciting journey through unknown territories (unknown to most, not only I think- us avid learners.), full of examples and applications, of stimuli, food for thought..
“food for thought”: is what I thought every evening after one of your lectures…for this I feel lucky to have been able to absorb some’ the knowledge that you wanted to share with the class.
Pity really is already finished…

What could be improved? I agree with my colleagues ... more hours and spread over a longer period…other than that, 10and praise, without reservation.


Thanks for your comments, are the greatest satisfaction!

@Roberta – The suggestion on the work of the Group seems very interesting. Perhaps coordinated with some technique of “Visual meeting” or “Visual design thinking” (Fascinating topics).

@Giulia On what areas we could make of insights?
I wonder if an advanced course may be directed towards using more tools (for example, complete platforms, online CRM tool, Enterprise 2.0, etc.), to analyze web intelligence systems more complete and sophisticated (but not usable directly from you), towards the area “information visualization” or change the subject completely and go towards the area Social Media Strategy with which to associate the use of Web monitoring systems, or more…

Do not use the Gravatar? And’ Comodo…

Igor S. (Italy)
7 December 2011 at 17:38

Hello, excellent course, I am very satisfied. The enthusiasm and passion of profs. motivated class and “Ibrahim” the bitter pill on certain crucial passages of information extraction.
I would suggest to present lessons examples, not only by the U.s.a., but also on Italian cases (Barilla, Ducati, illy now!!) and Europeans. In social media's courses known this “admiration” or attention overseas bet. I'd love to see the old Europe that makes nice, Maybe it's a cue for the second episode.
Final point, I'd really like to talk about teamwork, more hours of lessons and deepen the CRM online.
Hello to all and see you soon! p. s. The pallet of chocolate eggs will arrive via email : )

Ideas for advanced course ... why you ask me? (“that's so cruel” …”but funny!”) ;-) (OK the history of the arena with the cats amused me very)

So as for me:
- CRM Tools, Enterprise 2.0 &alia: very interesting topics and certainly an overview tool might come in handy (for me too). Only – but maybe I'm wrong – I think I may be “attractive” for a smaller number of people, or at least it depends on the type of class that will form and the size/complexity of the respective businesses of origin (a CRM – If you mean as a tool and not only as “approach” to business – I don't see him exceedingly widespread on farms-Julian friulan ...). Then,second aspect, the argument – If tackled some’ in depth – would be most appreciated by those who have a good technical preparation ... or not? (at work I began to customize SugarCRM and Vtiger first (easier) then – all feasible and even almost funny – of course as soon as I tried to push with the customization I met with query and dB and strange languages and bad and I are demoralized)

- insights on advanced sophisticated systems web intelligence: It's nice to know that there are and what kind of output can produce ... I definitely would prefer to concentrate even more on just about anything you can do with a solid analysis and method with free tools or affordable. That is actually what we have discussed ... with more time we could deepen the individual tool/tool families. Analyse in detail a couple of case studies as well would be interesting ...

- social media strategy: a very hot topic. and I care a lot (who knows why? :-)), especially in combination with the use of advanced analytics tools. If that is what happened to the search engines (before the course I thought Yes I knew used them quite well.. but NO), go into detail on the statistics analysis tools/monitoraggio web actions would definitely – Again – new horizons ...

eqqquindi we expect to have as teachers!

A warm greeting

PS. Today I discovered, in the order:
- Thereto (among other things, I didn't know he was a the Italian “Dad” the first Google search algorithm!) – Maybe you talked about in the lecture that I missed ...
- ZAKARIA for ipad (the fact that there is behind a learning algorithm it seems promising ... any good?)

PPS. …It goes if that Flipboard, as the first love, you never forget huh… ;-)

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