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Giornate di primavera 2014 del FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano)

Spring Days 2014 del FAI (Italian Environment Fund)

Art and culture shared with tweets



J-AX and Suorcristina protagonists of the second episode of the talent show Rai2.

#GF13: l’ingresso dei concorrenti su Twitter

#GF13: the entry of competitors on Twitter

A sound of Samba we find the numbers of the first episode of the 13th edition of Big Brother.

I primi due giorni del Governo Renzi su Twitter

The first two days of the government Renzi on Twitter

21.02.2014 and 22.02.2014 two dates that will remain in the history of Italian politics for the appointment of new ministers elected by Matteo Renzi, the youngest prime minister ever in nos ...

#sanremo2014 visto da Twitter

#sanremo2014 visto da Twitter

The TV becomes more and more social and interactive. In our infographic summary of the final evening of the 64th Festival of Italian Song by following the hashtag # sanremo2014.

WebApp Academy. Corso di formazione per realizzare App in HTML5, Angularjs e PhoneGap.

WebApp Academy. Training to achieve the App in HTML5, Angularjs e PhoneGap.

Thanks to all the participants of the first edition of the Laboratory for the creation of advanced Web App. Soon the second edition!

Le nuove frontiere del turismo e lo sviluppo delle imprese e dei territori.

The new frontiers of tourism and the development of enterprises and territories.

Some considerations and practical examples to show how new technologies can provide opportunities for the promotion of tourism in the area.

State of the Net 2013 – Web & Social Intelligence.

State of the Net 2013 – Web & Social Intelligence.

Thanks to the invitation of @ distrettoict we could talk about Web & Social Intelligence a #SOTN13. Here is a brief analysis of how the conference has been lived through Twitter.

Buon Natale! Il nostro regalo è un’adozione a distanza.

Merry Christmas! Our gift is a sponsorship.

We think that after all there to serve other greeting cards, pens, USB and calendars. O yes?

Let’sGO 2.0. Nuova versione della guida mobile di GORIZIA.

Let’sGO 2.0. New version of the mobile guide of GORIZIA.

Updated with new content (news, events, hotel, farms, B&B, restaurants), translated into English and managed independently distributed with an editorial system!

Tabaccomapp: la Cartografia Digitale Tabacco è pronta.

Tabaccomapp: Tobacco is ready to Digital Mapping.

A research project on digitization techniques of cartography and the use of mobile devices and social media to create new services for the tourism and security.

Agli studenti del corso di Web Intelligence. Grazie.

Students of the course Web Intelligence. Thanks.

I loved to take this course and we have seen very many things together. What do you think? Did you enjoy? How can we improve?

Let’sGO! Una nuova App Mobile per conoscere la città di Gorizia.

Let’sGO! A new mobile app to know the city of Gorizia.

Designed by and built by Punktone infoFACTORY the application is part of the project Let'sGO Gorizia! for the revaluation of the historical center of the city.

SRSnet, un nuovo sistema di video sorveglianza intelligente.

SRSnet, A new intelligent video surveillance system.

The cooperation between research institutions and Italian and Austrian born SRSnet. The 2 September, at the eighth international conference AVSS (Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveil...

Le mappe per la montagna Tabacco finalmente digitali su iPhone & iPad.

The maps for the digital mountain Tobacco finally on the iPhone & IPAD.

The quality of maps Tobacco is known to those who go to mountain. Finally now we have mobile devices capable of maintaining the quality even when viewing on screen. The Tobacco Cartografia ...

TRI-ICT e-learning tool: “Social Media Marketing Tools and Techniques for SMEs”

TRI-ICT e-learning tool: “Social Media Marketing Tools and Techniques for SMEs”

Within the European project Tri-ICT, infoFACTORY has made a brief presentation that illustrates the importance of the Web 2.0 and the need, for SMEs, using tools and techniques ...

È online il nuovo sito dell’ospedale San Camillo

It is the new website of the San Camillo

IRCCS San Camillo Hospital, site to Alberoni (Venice), now has a new website and thanks to infoFACTORY punktone

Building Brain

Building Brain

Brain Building permits a unique solution to integrate existing home automation systems or individual devices and simplifies development of applications and user interfaces tailored to your needs ...

Edifici intelligenti per città del futuro

Intelligent buildings for future cities

BRAIN BUILDING introduce a new software platform for the integration of heterogeneous devices for home automation (Home Automation) and Smart City. Workshop - 17 November 2010 hours 16.30, Asso ...

Web Intelligence Seminar – Answers to some of your questions

We have tried to organize your questions and provide answers. If you want to know more please contact us via email or comment on this post.

Advanced Web Intelligence – Seminario online

Advanced Web Intelligence – Online Seminar

A free workshop on Semantic Web technologies applied to Web services intelligence. The event registration is online at IAL Web.

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